Synchronizing TV and Online Advertising

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, e-readers… we all own one or more of such devices and we all tend to have them at hand – and using them – while in front of the TV. Recent studies suggest 75% of viewers regularly watch TV while also using one of their mobile devices to browse the latest news, check incoming e-mails and scroll through social media newsfeeds. Second screen usage is especially popular among younger generations as 91% Millennials and 85% of Generation X online users have used a second screen while watching television.

Advertisers have taken note of this trend and there is no reason to not be capitalizing on it by connecting your TV and digital advertising. Not only does the development in new technology to connect TV with digital advertising allow advertisers to recapture lost attention, it also makes the customer journey much smoother from knowing about the brand to learning more about it and ultimately becoming a customer or user of the brand.

At Leverate we use synchronization technology that monitors the live TV signal via digital fingerprinting. Once a clients’ TV spot is recognized, a signal will be send to our real-time advertising and analytics platforms that triggers synchronized campaigns through different digital channels depending on the synchronization strategy (e.g. SEA , Facebook, Display, Website etc.).

Synching with Search Advertising
By leveraging such synchronization technology you can optimize your investment in search engine advertising by capturing TV-inspired searches with highest buying intent. Given the fact that many TV viewers use a second screen device while watching TV, there are significant high online/mobile search traffic spikes immediately after the TV spot is aired – especially for brand and product related keywords. Synchronization solutions enable advertisers to intelligently outbid their competition in order to secure the top positions and drive relevant SEA traffic to the client’s website when it matters the most: target users that have seen a TV spot of a product/service similar to the client’s and are then using a search engine to find it online. There is nothing worse than spending your ad dollars on TV only to find your competition running away with the customers because they appear before you in the search results, is there?

Synching with Social Media
Facebook and Twitter are the destinations of choice for audiences seeking to talk about their favorite TV shows during TV usage. Our ‘TV-/Facebook Sync’ solution enables an advertiser to synchronize Facebook advertising campaigns with its clients TV campaigns. This allows you to optimize the ads in real-time based on metrics that are affecting actual business performance. However, not all programs and shows are ideal for TV-/Social Sync. Leverate experienced a higher second screen usage on Facebook during live shows or sport events compared to blockbusters or series. When a client’s TV spot is aired in a specific program or show, Leverate has the capabilities to target users on Facebook with a high affinity to both (e.g. Facebook fans with an interest in the program or show) at the same time when your TV commercial is aired in an automated fashion. This way, a synchronized TV and Facebook advertising campaign can be delivered to relevant Facebook users during the aired TV spot. This is paramount in order to increase contact classes efficiently or to, for instance, communicate a special promotion as a performance element to the TV commercial of the client.

The opportunities that arise from synchronizing the powerful reach and credibility of TV advertising with the precision and relevancy of digital advertising are still at an early stage and we look forward to seeing and leveraging more opportunities for our clients in this field.

This blog post is an adapted version of an article that featured in Leverate Media’s company magazine ‘Leverate ONE‘.