Social Media Advertising

Leverate is one of the leading media agencies when it comes to paid social media advertising. Our innovative optimization approach to sales and ROI-driven campaigns is very popular.

Our team consists of more than 10 specialists in the most popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat. In addition to conducting ongoing performance optimization, they also take care of the creation of advertising material with continuous A/B testing (advertising media, formats, targeting, time of day, re-targeting, etc.).

Most companies lack qualified resources and the relevant technologies (such as PMDs / FMPs) to maximize their use of paid social media for promotional purposes. Even well-placed campaigns will lose their efficiency and effectiveness after only a few days and will require new, reviewed campaign intelligence, as well as new advertising media or, in extreme cases, a completely new set-up.

Even with well-performing campaigns, our team typically achieves 10-30% more performance (better KPIs) within a month.

We proudly look after the social media advertising accounts of well-known companies like Panasonic, Spotify, and Sennheiser.