Social Media Advertising

Leverate is one of the leading Facebook Paid Advertising agencies in Germany and beyond – especially our innovative optimization approach to sales or ROI driven campaigns is very popular… more

Display & Content Advertising

Classic display banner advertising today has a tough time nowadays with ad blockers gaining ground and banner blindness on the rise. Using DoubleClick allows us to access highly… more

Search Advertising

Google Adwords continues to be the most efficient and important channel for most of our clients. Many industries are exposed to immense competition in the so-called “keywords”… more

Video Advertising

In addition to Facebook or Instagram, YouTube is a very suitable alternative to reach users via video and to build an emotional bond. Unlike the two major social media networks…. more

Amazon Advertising

Few companies have as much influence on our daily shopping habits as Amazon. Most of today’s product searches no longer take place on search engines – but directly on Amazon… more

TV Advertising

TV is still no. 1 in terms of media consumption. No other media channel offers advertisers the same reach and impact as TV can deliver in just weeks. Our data-driven… more

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising consists of several different formats: transit, billboards, street furniture, and more. We spend most of our time outside our homes, and outdoor advertising is a great way… more

Print Advertising

Print media comprises both magazine and newspaper advertising. Print can deliver a highly targeted audience, either by affinity or by location, and it offers advertisers a high-quality… more

Radio Advertising

Radio is a very cost-effective medium and enables advertisers to reach a large share of their audience as more than half of Americans listen to radio daily. … more

Cinema Advertising

Sometimes forgotten in the increasing number of media outlets, cinema advertising ranks as one of the most impactful ways to reach your audience: An immersive environment and… more