3 Great TV Spots from Around the World

We watch close to an hour of TV commercials a day. Few of us look forward to the breaks, but luckily for us, most advertisers do make their commercials fun, interesting, and engaging. Here’s three of the really outstanding ones from around the world.

Secret Escapes

There has been a growing trend of tech companies turning to TV to increase the customer base. The Secret Escapes spot is a prime example of this trend. The Secret Escapes spot is fun and does a great job of connecting with the audience by focusing on the exclusive nature of what they offer. To distinguish themselves from similar companies, Secret Escapes stresses how they only deal with luxury hotel destinations that are trying to fill empty rooms at large discounts of up to 70%. The pitch woman seen in the commercial only speaks in hushed tones to emphasize that deals this good should be a secret which is a clever way to add a sense of urgency to a call to action. So in a short 30-second commercial Secret Escapes is able to communicate two very important factors that should be a part of any commercial seeking to influence viewers: 1) added value (large discounts at luxury hotels) and 2) a call to action (these deals are so good, so go online now to see more!).

Philippine Tourism Board

The most successful commercial campaigns tend to have fun with the audience. The “More Fun in the Philippines” campaign does an excellent job of showing beautiful scenery while keeping it light and fun. The Philippines had a cripplingly bad image problem that prevented potential tourists from visiting the country. Compared to neighbouring countries in Southeast Asia tourist arrivals were quite low. To combat the perceived image problems and increase tourist visits the Philippine Tourism Board decided that their campaign slogan would be “Its more fun in the Philippines”, a simple catchphrase that grabbed attention. Often the ad presented a normal ho-hum tourist scene which would then transition into something quite fun, humorous and exciting. Ending with the “It’s more fun in the Philippines” slogan drives home the exciting times that await in the Philippines and encourages people to find out more online.


Humor always goes down well with the TV audience and it’s a great way to capture that all important attention. This Seamless TV commercial is a prime example of how to drive home a point with a lot of humor. The setting is the classic photo of Irish immigrant workers in NYC having their lunch on top of a skryscraper in the making. One guy explains to his co-workers how Seamless delivers all the best food anywhere (even on top of skryscrapers, apparently!) as the delivery guy arrives with his gluten free noodles. The takeout delivery company Seamless always uses a lot of humorous references to particular New Yorker experiences. In this commercial, it’s the delivery guy’s bike wheel that has gotten stolen as he returns to his bike and the construction worker ordered gluten-free noodles, of course, as any true New Yorker would ask for his food to be gluten/lactose/fat/you-name-it-free!