Why TV is still King in the Media Mix

Let’s be clear: TV advertising is not the be-all and end-all. You cannot click on a TV spot; it is not directly interactive. You won´t reach everybody through TV. Add to this, that there is a growing number of people who avoid TV altogether or just use it as a medium comparable to radio, as background noise, while surfing the web. Also, it’s not that easy to create a TV spot that is compelling and works for your sales and branding needs. Yet, however much digital advertising makes all the headlines, TV is still king within the media mix.

TV reaches more people in a faster and more dynamic fashion than any other media channel can. It remains a reliable source for consumers and, with a growing number of tracking solutions, results are more measurable and accurate than ever before. Our experience tells us that TV is increasingly about performance and less about just branding. We have seen successful TV advertising campaigns by start-ups and larger companies across sectors and business models that have delivered a direct return on investment.

Customer acquisition. TV advertising makes your product known to a broader audience. A start-up founder should not be blinded or fooled by their presence in digital media and the start-up press. The fact is that most people still do not know you. Many digital marketers, who believe that they are already established, are gaining tremendous amounts of new customers day by day. TV advertising will bring in those customers. It has proven to be a great tool for new customer acquisition.

Compelling storytelling. There is a lot of discussion about content marketing and how we can relate compelling stories to our brands. But the fact remains that people read less and less. They fly through small pieces of content. They would rather share a lot, communicate a lot, but it is not that easy to bring a compelling story to the customer. TV advertising can be a tremendous asset, because you have 30 to 60 seconds via attention-grabbing video and audio to tell your story.

Affordable and flexible. TV stations in many countries have reacted to the needs of agile marketers and agencies, and they now offer the possibility to test campaigns and to optimize advertising performance. Of course, it’s more challenging, and you don’t have things like dynamic motives, but you can react, based on the performance of certain ads on certain channels and specific formats.

An international lead medium. Despite the rise of digital media, TV advertising is still one of the best ways to achieve internationalization. For many e-commerce companies it simply does not make sense to stay in their country in a dog-eat-dog fight for more market shares. TV advertising is the right driver for aggressive scaling in new markets. Leverate Media have enabled growth companies to launch in dozens of countries all over the world through TV advertising and to bring in revenue right from the very beginning of their market launch. Yes, it is a lot of manual work to plan and buy TV advertising. You do not have the automatic interface of the digital advertisers. However, an agency like Leverate Media are used to doing this. We have established contacts in multiple markets and are efficient and expedient in delivering the message to millions of people quickly.

This blog post is an adapted version of an article that featured in Leverate Media’s company magazine ‘Leverate ONE‘.