Which media channels are right depends on your business model, your maturity stage, campaign objectives, budget resources and several other factors.

Leverate deliver advertising campaigns across all traditional and digital  media channels.  From TV, radio, and print, to display, mobile and social.

In today’s world, we familiarize ourselves with and engage with brands across a vast number of online and offline media channels. At Leverate, we know how to combine channels, placements and creatives effectively to cater to each stage of the sales funnel, from initial customer contact  point to actual conversion.


Online media is a MUST DO for practically every company. No paid media channel is as cheap and efficient as Display, Mobile, PPC etc. Yet, online media is still a very complicated and difficult channel when it comes to generating good conversion – especially with display advertising. Mobile advertising becomes more and more relevant due to the increasing usage of smartphones all over the world. There is still a significant lack of mobile commerce models that can efficiently use the reach, but in particular in lead generation and app install campaigns great results can be achieved.

Another complex topic is affiliate marketing. Only a lot of work and dedication in the partner acquisition can make an affiliate campaign successful beyond the smaller scale. Leverate is managing clients with a product range of up to 500.000 items and is having a unique network of reach partner to making your CPO or CPL deals work.

Our media auditors are happy to provide you with a free review and present some improvement ideas in line with our performance tools and technologies.


Social media – and Facebook in particular – offers unique targeting options and learnings about your audience and optimal campaign set-up. It is always our challenge to make it to the most efficient paid media channel for every one of our clients when we take over the rails. Surely, PPC beat social media in terms of costs and conversion rates if the competition is not too fierce in your industry. However it’s not really scalable as the purpose is to meet demand, not generate it. Especially the use of modern ad server technologies for Facebook advertising gives Leverate much more opportunities than the standard (business) ad manager to grow your customer base efficiently. Depending on client and service/product we will start with up to 800 small test campaigns to filter out the most efficient and scalable setups to continue with – by optimizing each campaign regarding headline, text, creative and of course targeting options. This approach is a lot of work for our campaign management, but the best ways to unleash Facebook’s real potential for your business and establish a long-term relationship based on continuous growth.


“People don’t watch TV anymore”, “Everyone is on Netflix or Hulu” and “TV is much too expensive for advertising, anyways”. You probably uttered these statements or nodded at others expressing them. But, the fact is that in the most countries, developed as well as developing ones, TV is still the preferred media channel in terms of daily usage per hour. And a TV flight can be run for 5-digit numbers – you don’t need millions of dollars (in fact, you’d probably be wasting money!).

Buying quality inventory at discounted rates combined with the ability to track and measure each spot and flight is essential for a TV flight to deliver sales results. We optimize every TV campaign according to not only media performance metrics but also sales performance of individual TV spots in order for us to identify the best placements in terms of channels, dayparts, weekdays etc.

A unique approach at Leverate can be found in combining TV with online/mobile/social and search advertising. Our in-house technology makes it possible to extend TV flights to onlin, increasing your reach and frequency at a very low cost and lower the intermediaries between awareness and conversion.

We recommend that your online and social media advertising activities are in place and optimized before you go on TV in order for you to guarantee a successful TV-to-Web conversion.


Flexibility, trackability and optimization is not as easy with offline channels like Out of Home, Print or Direct Mail and are typically not the first media channels we would recommend a client to include in the media mix. However, with Leverate’s unique deal structures, targeting opportunities and attribution methodologies, clients can surprisingly efficient offline channels.

Offline channels are necessary for companies that want to establish their brand in a market and have already optimized all performance channels. Furthermore, offline channels and in particular Out-of Home transit advertising can amplify the performance of direct response channels like Search, Display or Social immensely and should be considered carefully in a orchestrated (cross-) media mix.

Leverate’s excellent relationships with all major media houses make it possible to receive highly discounted and flexible deals for first bookers and digital companies – to meet their high targets and even performance objectives.