Together with you, we establish the right target audience, splitting them into different, relevant target groups in order for us to target them with specific ad messages with high resonance to that particular group. Furthermore, we identify the target group potential and pre-define high-potential cohorts for later optimization purposes.



Based on target group and campaign targets, we select the right media channels. Often, there are significant gains to be made in online channels before venturing into offline media opportunities, such as TV or Out-of-Home, or to combine online and offline channels. In particular, social media can, with the right setup, produce important insights about the target groups and how to advertise to them in an even more efficient way.

Based on the target group profiles and media chosen, we adapt the communication towards and conduct multivariate testing in order for us to detect the best customer journey for each target group as well as optimal placements, price, creatives, copies etc.



The previous step of optimizing the media is all with the intent of driving traffic to your website. Once people visit your site they have shown an interest in your product/service and it is crucial to find out how to turn them into a customer/user. We build various landing pages and test different user flows as well as identify bounce stages in the online user experience. Understanding the user flow that leads to conversion as well as the characteristics (e.g. behavior) of the user allow us to re-target high-potential visitors as well as target people similar to this cohort so as to increase the potential customer base.