How to take Facebook Ad Optimization to the Next Level

Any digital marketers without deep Facebook expertise are bound to lose market shares and sales to more savvy competitors that know how to fully leverage this powerful ad tool. Yet Facebook is still in many ways new ground to a lot of marketers. In this post, we explain how to get to the next level with your Facebook advertising.

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Synchronizing TV and Online Advertising

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, e-readers… we all own one or more of such devices and we all tend to have them at hand – and using them – while in front of the TV. Recent studies suggest 75% of viewers regularly watch TV while also using one of their mobile devices to browse the latest news, check incoming e-mails and scroll through social media newsfeeds. Second screen usage is especially popular among younger generations as 91% Millennials and 85% of Generation X online users have used a second screen while watching television.

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3 Great TV Spots from Around the World

We watch close to an hour of TV commercials a day. Few of us look forward to the breaks, but luckily for us, most advertisers do make their commercials fun, interesting, and engaging. Here’s three of the really outstanding ones from around the world.

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Content advertising: An Interview with Outbrain

Content advertising is a discipline which has gained significant traction in recent years. It has become a means to grabbing internet users’ attention and engaging them as banner blindness, ad blockers and small-screen browsing on smartphones makes it increasingly hard to reach your audience with traditional online advertising.

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Why WeChat is a Winner: Meet the Social Media King of China

Tencent International Business Group (IBG) has accredited Leverate Media as its first partner agency in Germany. Advertisers can now simply book campaigns with Leverate Media on the largest Chinese internet platforms with optimal market and localisation expertise.

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