3 tips for advertising underground in London and New York City

Out-of-Home advertising is more than billboards along the highway. Many brands utilize the opportunities of transit advertising with the NYC Subway and London Tube showing amazing results for many advertisers.

Tip 1: Choose the right site for the outcomes you wish to achieve.
All of the metro sites work in different ways. For example, there are sites that give high dwell time and are perfect for conveying an in-depth outline of a new product, and there are sites with extremely high coverage and frequency, perfect for promoting offers or announcements.

Tip 2: Book enough ads for a long enough period.
While the exact numbers can vary greatly depending on the brand and campaign objectives, there is always a threshold in terms of ads and time length below which it makes little sense for the advertiser to spend its budgets on a tube campaign.

Tip 3: Always ensure your creative has a clear call to action.
While the metros offer a high dwell time and frequency it doesn’t make up for an ambiguous message or a poor design. Put aside the aesthetic criteria for a bit and focus on how the design of your ad ensures you capture the audience’s attention. It would always be recommendable for a client to consider pin-pointing exactly how they are new and disruptive before investing in a campaign: what problem are you solving for the audience?

This blog post is an adapted version of an article that featured in Leverate Media’s company magazine ‘Leverate ONE‘.